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Marie-Curie Application R. Fernandez-Rodriguez

Lista nº 2. In the compilation of documents sent by missionaries from America and the Philippines to Spain, there are wordlists, short vocabularies, grammars and catechisms. This video shows the original list nº 2 in Spanish sent to the Viceroys and Governors of America and Philippines by the Spanish Crown in order to translate it into the languages spoken in their regions.

Languages described. This video shows the languages and the regions where they were spoken at the time of the compilation of the wordlists. So far, there are fifty-six List nº 2 (of around 445 words) translated into fifty-one languages. There are two different versions for some languages: kiche, kakchiquel, mexicano, otomí and totonaco.

Examples. The entries in Spanish are not in alphabetical order; but organized by semantic field. The wordlist starts with family members, body parts, senses, basic verbs, adjectives, nature, parts of the day, time and seasons, metals, cereals, animals, common objects, clothes, words related to war, prepositions, question words and numbers.
The video shows some examples of the strategies followed by missionaries, who were aware of differences and so they added or erase words/concepts.


News. Spanish Diario de León
News. Portuguese Cienciahoje

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