Peter Lauwers

Peter Lauwers (°1974) started his career as a linguistic historiographer at the KU Leuven / Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO). The revised version of his PhD (2004) on the history of French reference grammar in the first half of the 20th Century offers an in-depth comparative analysis of a corpus of 25 reference grammars focusing on the epistemological problems underlying sentence analysis, against the background of General Linguistics.
Since his PhD, and more particularly since his appointment at Ghent University (2008; research group: GLIMS), he extended - and finally reoriented - his research towards descriptive work on modern French, partly in contrast with Dutch, mainly dealing with, on the one hand, copular constructions and grammaticalization / subjectification of (evidential) semi-copulas and, on the other hand, mismatches between lexical category (parts of speech; mass/count nouns; lexical plurals) and function.
A more detailed CV can be found here.

Selective bibliography

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