Recent book publications

  • Denecker, Tim. 2017. Ideas on Language in Early Latin Christianity: From Tertullian to Isidore of Seville. Leiden & Boston: Brill.
  • Frederickx, Eddy, and Toon Van Hal. 2015. Johannes Goropius Becanus (1519–1573): Brabants arts en taalfanaat. Hilversum: Verloren.
  • Fryba-Reber, Anne-Marguerite, and Pierre Swiggers, eds. 2015. Karl Jaberg: Linguistique romane, géographie linguistique, théorie du langage. Orbis Supplementa 42. Louvain, Paris & Bristol (CT): Peeters.
  • O'Kelly, Dairine, and Pierre Swiggers, eds. 2014. Jean-Claude Chevalier: 1. Essais d’épistémologie grammaticale. Toulon: Éditions des Dauphins. [= Modèles linguistiques 67]

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Upcoming conferences

Past conferences

The Impact of Learning Greek, Hebrew and 'Oriental' Languages on Scholarship, Science, and Society in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance (Leuven; December 13-15, 2017)

The 2017 LECTIO conference seized the 500th anniversary of the foundation of the Leuven Collegium Trilingue as an incentive both to examine the general context in which institutes like the Trilingue emerged and—more generally—to assess the overall impact of Greek and Hebrew education in the later Middle Ages and the early modern period. Special attention was directed to the learning and teaching practices and to the general impact the study of these languages exerted on scholarship, science and society. For more information, click here.

Latin language manuals from Western Christianity (350–750): An international workshop (Leuven; May 15, 2017)

This international workshop on Latin language manuals from Western Christianity, 350 to 750, took place in Leuven. The workshop programme (with abstracts) can be accessed here. The keynote speaker was Louis Holtz.

Dialect: an interdisciplinary colloquium (Edmonton; November 3, 2015)

This interdisciplinary colloquium on the concept of "dialect" took place at the University of Alberta, Edmonton (Canada). The programme of this meeting can be accessed here.

Perspectives on Language and Culture in Early Christianity (Leuven; September 10-12, 2015)

The international conference “Perspectives on Language and Culture in Early Christianity” took place in Leuven, from Thursday, September 10, to Saturday, September 12, 2015 (click here for the poster). The conference programme can be accessed here and the book of abstracts here. The keynote speakers were Thorsten Fögen, Alfons Fürst, Louis Holtz, and Josef Lössl.

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