Senior members

  • Piet Desmet
    19th-century French linguistics; history and methodology of language study
  • Pierre Swiggers (Director)
    Grammatical and linguistic theory and description in antiquity; medieval linguistics; history of Romance linguistics; missionary linguistics
  • Toon Van Hal
    (Pre)comparative linguistics; missionary linguistics; Greek linguistics
  • Alfons Wouters
    Grammatical and linguistic theory and description in antiquity

Junior members

  • Tim Denecker
    The linguistic conceptions of early Christian Latin authors
  • Ana Kotarcic
    Ancient linguistic thought, especially that of Aristotle
  • Nico Lioce
    Early Romance grammaticography; history of Romance linguistics and philology
  • Maxime Maleux
    Hebrew grammar in the Renaissance; teaching of Hebrew
  • Matthias Pache
    Historiography and linguistics of South and Central American indigenous languages
  • Andy Peetermans
    Ancient conceptions about linguistic normativity; missionary linguistics; grammar at the Collegium Trilingue
  • Floris Solleveld
    19th-century language mapping
  • Luz Van den Bruel
    19th-century language studies
  • Valerie Van Elst
    Ancient grammaticography
  • Zanna Van Loon
    Missionary linguistics; the social materiality of the book
  • Raf Van Rooy (Webmaster)
    Early Christian Greek authors; early modern Greek grammar & dialectology

Affiliated members

  • José J. Gómez Asencio
    History of Spanish grammaticography and grammatical terminology; history of the relationship between grammaticography and language teaching
  • Gerda Haßler
    History of linguistic ideas and theories; history of Romance linguistics
  • Lambert Isebaert
    Comparative linguistics
  • Lieve Jooken
    History of English grammar and language theory in Great-Britain; history of (pre)comparative linguistics
  • Peter Lauwers
    History of 19th/20th-century French grammaticography
  • Carmen Quijada Van den Berghe
    Early modern Spanish grammaticography in Spain & France; history of phonetics
  • Marlon James Sales
    Missionary linguistics, translation history
  • Estanislao Sofia
    linguistic methodology, "system-based" linguistics
  • Sara Szoc
    Early Modern Italian grammaticography
  • Stijn Verleyen
    The problem of language change in 19th and 20th-century linguistics
  • Louise Visser
    Early medieval grammar and theory of language
  • Elizaveta Zimont
    Early Modern bilingual lexicography
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