Elizaveta Zimont

Elizaveta Zimont holds a master degree French literature and linguistics from Lomonosov Moscow State University, and a master degree “Taal- en Letterkunde” from KU Leuven. In her KU Leuven master’s thesis (2014) she presented a metalexicographical analysis of the three foundation-laying Dutch dictionaries of Cornelis Kiliaan. She is currently employed, on a temporary basis, by the University of Mons, and is also engaged in linguistic-historiographical research under the umbrella of the Center for the Historiography of Linguistics at KU Leuven. Her doctoral research project aims at a methodologically innovative contribution to the study of Dutch-French bilingual lexicography in the early modern period. The checklist of primary sources, supplied with a number of key references, for this research project is published here on the CHL-website (cf. also here). In a joint article with Pierre Swiggers, to be published in Beiträge zur Geschichte der Sprachwissenschaft, the reader will find an introduction to this field of study as well as further bio-bibliographical information on the source authors and works.

Selective bibliography

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