Andy Peetermans

Andy Peetermans (°1990) studied Classics and Italian at KU Leuven. His Master’s thesis focused on the views about linguistic normativity expressed by the Roman authors Varro, Cicero, and Quintilian. From November 2015 onwards he has been working on a PhD dissertation on Early Modern grammars of American languages produced by European missionaries, as part of a KU Leuven research project about which more information can be found here. The goal of his research is to look at the conceptual developments in these grammars, focusing on elements of tradition, innovation, and influence while asking three groups of questions:

  1. A first group of questions concerns the grammaticographical models adopted by the missionary linguists. Which models were used, that is, exactly which authors and works were most influential? What are the consequences of the use of these models? What happens when so-called ‘deviant’ features of described languages do not neatly fit into traditional models?
  2. A second set of questions is concerned with the attitudes, conservative or innovative, adopted by missionary grammarians, both as a whole and as individuals, toward their models.
  3. A third and last set of questions addresses the different traditions of missionary grammar that grow out of this varying interplay of differing choices of models and the conservative or innovative attitudes adopted towards those models, a dynamic process which is of course also shaped by the contact with the specific American languages which are the objects of the missionaries’ grammars.

Selective bibliography

  • Peetermans, Andy. 2016. "De macht der gewoonte. Varro, Cicero en Quintilianus over ratio, consuetudo en de Latijnse taalnorm". Lampas. Tijdschrift voor Nederlandse Classici, 49 (2).


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